Rubber sleeve with screw-nut type TF

Rubber sleeve for dampening high-frequency vibrations and joining details. Very well intended for dynamic shock loads vertically, horizontally and torsionally. Smooths out misalignments. Easy to assemble. Areas of use such as for vehicles, motorcycles, panels, cabinets, electronics.

Rubber quality: Natural rubber 40, 55 and 70 shore. D K L H G
TF-1 7.2 9 9 2.5 M3
TF-2 9.3 12 11.5 3 M4
TF-3 10.2 15 14.5 3.5 M5
TF-4 12.7 18 17 4 M6
TF-5 16.5 24 22 5 M8

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