Stålfjäderdämpare - ISOTOP MSN

ISOTOP type SN is a steel spring damper consisting of two end washers with an internal M8 center thread and a coil spring.
A steel spring damper is an alternative to conventional rubber dampers where rubber is not the best solution for various reasons, e.g.
– The rubber characteristics change at different temperatures
– Ozone, weather and air pollutants affect the life of the rubber Type SN has a natural frequency of about 3.5Hz and is suitable for de-vibration
– Units with variable speed
– Outdoor units

Typical installation cases with very good results

  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Ventilation units
  • Air conditioning units
  • Piston and centrifugal pumps
  • Scales
Ritning på Stålfjäderdämpare ISOTOP MSN 1
Ritning på stålfjäderdämpare ISOTOP MSN 2
Ritning på stålfjäderdämpare ISOTOP MSN 3
Load area(N)
Force/spring travel
ISOTOP MSN 118 N – 45 N1,78 N/mm
ISOTOP MSN 227 N – 70 N2,73 N/mm
ISOTOP MSN 345 N – 115 N4,52 N/mm
ISOTOP MSN 470 N – 175 N7,02 N/mm
ISOTOP MSN 5115 N – 285 N11,44 N/mm
ISOTOP MSN 6175 N – 435 N17,30 N/mm
ISOTOP MSN 7285 N – 650 N26,02 N/mm
ISOTOP MSN 8440 N – 880 N43,85 N/mm
The measurements apply to all dampers. Different wire thickness gives the different forces.
Ritning på stålfjäderdämpare - ISOTOP MSN-BL

At very high loads

The types BL and MSN-BL are space-saving and can handle loads up to 45,000 N. 2 to 9 dampers are assembled into one package. Let us help you calculate the number of dampers and size for your installation case.

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