Universal joint unhardened

The coarse version is intended for low speeds and loads.
In case of vibrations and/or larger torques, version -G, slide bearing/hardened is recommended.

Art nr.d1
ø HB
d2cl1l2l3l4Weight singel kgWeight double kgStatic brottm. NmSquare
Keyway DIN 6885
b JS9t + 0.2
E 08 x 13-grov81311214260180.0300.04525629
E 10 x 16-grov101615265274220.0500.075358311.4
E 12 x 20-grov122018316288260.0950.1409010413.8
E 16 x 25-grov 1625223774104300.1800.26018012518.3
E 20 x 32-grov2032254386124370.3300.48532016622.8
E 25 x 40-grov25403254108156470.6500.95065020828.32
E 32 x 50-grov32504066132188561.2601.8001300251035.3

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