Extendable link shafts – Series H

Utdragbara länkaxlar – Serie H

Serie H

Needle bearing DIN808. One-time lubricated needle bearing (no relubrication required). Not quite as loadable as series G and S. Precision link with minimal play. Quiet operation.

Max working angle: 45°.
Max rpm: 4000


Ritning på utdragbara länkaxlar – Serie H
Art.nrdDL2CL. min.L. maxStrokeabSpline shaftD1Weight kg
03HA11022481214017030311,411 X 14 Z6220,31
03HA151022481216020040311,411 X 14 Z6220,36
03HA21022481218024060311,411 X 14 Z6220,38
03HA2510224812230330100311,411 X 14 Z6220,50
04HA11225561316019030413,813 X 16 Z6260,50
04HA151225561318022545413,813 X 16 Z6260,56
04HA21225561320027070413,813 X 16 Z6260,62
04HA231225561322030080413,813 X 16 Z6260,67
04HA2612255613250355105413,813 X 16 Z6260,76
04HA2912255613280420140413,813 X 16 Z6260,84
04HA3212255613300450150413,813 X 16 Z6260,90
05HA11428601417020030516,313 X 16 Z6290,62
05HA151428601418022040516,313 X 16 Z6290,64
05HA181428601420026060516,313 X 16 Z6290,72
05HA21428601422030080516,313 X 16 Z6290,78
05HA2314286014250350100516,313 X 16 Z6290,87
05HA2614286014280420140516,313 X 16 Z6290,96
05HA2914286014300450150516,313 X 16 Z6291,03
05HA3214286014350550200516,313 X 16 Z6291,14
05HA3514286014400650250516,313 X 16 Z6291,33
1HA11632681619022030518,316 X 20 Z6320,90
1HA151632681621025040518,316 X 20 Z6320,98
1HA21632681624032080518,316 X 20 Z6321,10
1HA2316326816250350100518,316 X 20 Z6321,14
1HA2616326816275390115518,316 X 20 Z6321,24
1HA2916326816300430130518,316 X 20 Z6321,33
1HA3216326816380590210518,316 X 20 Z6321,60
1HA3516326816400630230518,316 X 20 Z6321,73
2HA11836741723028050620,818 X 22 Z6371,35
2HA151836741725032070620,818 X 22 Z6371,46
2HA1818367417270370100620,818 X 22 Z6371,55
2HA218367417290400110620,818 X 22 Z6371,66
2HA2318367417300415115620,818 X 22 Z6371,71
2HA2618367417400620220620,818 X 22 Z6372,23
2HA2918367417500820320620,818 X 22 Z6372,75
3HA12042821825030050622,821 X 25 Z6411,99
3HA152042821827034070622,821 X 25 Z6422,12
3HA182042821829038090622,821 X 25 Z6422,25
3HA220428218320440120622,821 X 25 Z6422,46
3HA2320428218380560180622,821 X 25 Z6422,86
3HA2620428218420640220622,821 X 25 Z6423,13
3HA2920428218500800300622,821 X 25 Z6423,66
4HA052245952225028030624,823 X 28 Z6472,35
4HA42245952227032050624,823 X 28 Z6472,51
4HA452245952229035060624,823 X 28 Z6472,67
4HA222459522330430100624,823 X 28 Z6473,00
4HA2322459522350470120624,823 X 28 Z6473,16
4HA2622459522470710240624,823 X 28 Z6474,13
5HA125501082629534550828,326 X 32 Z6523,39
5HA1525501082631037565828,326 X 32 Z6523,52
5HA2255010826350450100828,326 X 32 Z6523,92
5HA23255010826380500120828,326 X 32 Z6524,20
5HA26255010826420590170828,326 X 32 Z6524,59
5HA29255010826460660200828,326 X 32 Z6524,98
5HA32255010826500745245828,326 X 32 Z6524,13
6HA130581222933038050833,332 x 38 Z8584,90
6HA1530581222935042070833,332 x 38 Z8585,17
6HA1830581222937045585833,332 x 38 Z8585,42
6HA2305812229400510110833,332 x 38 Z8585,85
6HA23305812229450620170833,332 x 38 Z8586,48
6HA26305812229500720220833,332 x 38 Z8587,14
6HA29305812229540795255833,332 x 38 Z8587,69

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