Protective bellow

Protective bellows Chloroprene

Protects universal joints from dirty environments and acts as a grease depot.
In the event of non-possible relubrication, protective bellows are advantageously used, which are filled with grease and thus provide a maintenance-free ball joint. The bellows can be used without a hose clamp. The bellows made of special chloroprene can handle most acids, oils and petrol.
If in doubt, consult us!

Art nr.C ∅A ∅BFor unviersal joint with outer diam.
LW 16-01M15283416
LW 18-02M16,5324018
LW 20/22-03M20,5404522
LW 24/25/26-04M24,5485025/26
LW 28/29-05M27,5525628/29
LW 30/32-1M30,5566532
LW 36/37-2M35,5667236/37
LW 40/42-3M40758242
LW 45/47-4M45849545/47
LW 50/52-5M509210850/52
LW 56/58-6M5610012258

All dimensions in mm. For double axial joints, these can be mounted in pairs.

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