Cable throughs rubber


  • Protect cables in sheet metal passages
  • Vibration isolation


Our rubber cable throughs protect the cable in e.g. sheet metal passages or other placements where sharp edges exist and where cavities need sealing. They work as vibration isolation and protection at the same time. Rubber cable throughs are resistant to aging, petroleum and most solvents.

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Our type KG is the economic variant made of soft PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) which has good restistance against many media. Good resistance against sunlight/ozone/UV, but at prolonged exposure EPDM quality should be used. Handles temperatures between 0°C and +70°C.

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A wide assortment of cable throughs with EPDM, hardness 50°shore. With or without holes. EPDM is excellent for outside use in direct exposure of sun/ozone. Temperature range; -40°C to +140°C. Less resistant to gasoline and oils.
This series can be manufactured with other qualities according to wishes and needs. We are happy to assist with technical assistance in questions of best quality for different uses.

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