Plastic details

prod_27Star knobs, cross knobs, knurled knobs, adjustable locking levers, handlebars, handle balls of Polyamide, Acetal and steel. Also with stainless steel threaded pins.

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A machine does not have to be boring. Put some color on your product
Shaft handles for industry



prod_28End caps, cover plugs and cable throughs
End caps with circumferential flanges for varying thicknesses of goods. For square, rectangular, round tubes. Also for pipe profiles RHS, TPS, MHS. Cover caps with round low head, to cover holes in sheet metal. Available in dimensions for holes ø4 to ø20 mm. Cable throughs of material EPDM, PVC or Chloroprene, 50ºshore. From hole diameter 3 mm to 32 mm.

Dimensions table end caps