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Protective bellows




What sizes do we stock?

Single Convolution Bellows

Single Convolution Bellows are protective elements for e.g. ball links which mainly performs an angular motion. The axial mobility is limited.

Nitrile and chloroprene-rubber-base,
hardness approximately 50 Shore A.

Area of use
Single Convolution Bellows protects the ball links from dirt and prevent lubricants from leaking.

Function area

  Mineral oils and lubrication grease
-30°C to +100°C


The moving bellow part must not come in contact with sharp edges on the ball link or surrounding machine parts.
To correctly attach the bellow on the ball links, the bellow connectors should be equiped with hose clamps.

Multiple Convolution Bellows

Multiple Convolution Bellows are protective elements consisting of a crimped, movable bellow part and a connector in each end for attachment.
Multiple Convolution Bellows come in many shapes, for example: conical, cylindrical, arched.
The connectors can be cylindrical, conical, plane flanges, annular bead etc.
Bellow and connector have very different geometrical shapes depending on application.

Chloroprene-rubber: CR
Nitrile rubber: NRB
Styrene rubber: SBR
Natural rubber: NR

Area of use
Multiple Convolution Bellows protects axially moving rods and machine elements against dirt, dust, splashes, weather etc. Multiple Convolution Bellows allow radial motion besides axial motion, or a combination of both.

The moving bellow part must not come in contact with sharp edges and rubbing against movable machine parts must be avoided.
For the bellow to have optimal function, a careful installation and a firm attachment, with e.g. hose clamps, is required.



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