Bearing shafts

For the wear to occur on the “right” place, the shaft hardness must be greater than the material on the sliding surface. The surface finish is also of great importance for the life span of sliding bearings. The finer the surface finish is on the shaft, the lower friction and therefor longer life span on the sliding bearing. Friction adds heat which contributes to increased wear. The hard-chromeplating also gives a good corrosion protection.



Material specification:
Hard-chromeplated rod SS 2142,
Tolerance ISO f7 (we also have other tolerances)
Chrome coating min 15 my
Surface finish RA max 0,20 my

Diameter D Weight / m
∅ 12 0,89
∅ 16 1,58
∅ 20 2,47
∅ 25 3,85
∅ 30 5,55

We know sliding bearings

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There is a wide assortment of different sliding bearings on the market, they should be chosen with care.

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