Measurement table Radial bearing bronze FB 090




Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-101010x12x10
FB 090-101510x12x15
FB 090-121012x14x10
FB 090-121512x14x15
FB 090-122012x14x20
FB 090-141014x16x10
FB 090-141514x16x15
FB 090-142014x16x20
FB 090-142014x16x20
FB 090-142514x16x25
FB 090-151015x17x10
FB 090-151515x17x15
FB 090-152015x17x20
FB 090-152516x18x25
FB 090-161016x18x10
FB 090-162016x18x20
FB 090-162516x18x25
FB 090-181018x20x10
FB 090-181518x20x15
FB 090-182018x20x20
FB 090-182518x20x25
FB 090-201020x23x10
FB 090-201520x23x15
FB 090-202020x23x20
FB 090-202520x23x25
FB 090-203020x23x30
FB 090-221522x25x15
FB 090-202020x25x20
FB 090-222522x25x25
FB 090-223020x25x30
FB 090-224022x25x40
FB 090-243024x27x30
FB 090-251525x28x15
FB 090-252025x28x20
FB 090-252525x28x25
FB 090-253025x28x30
FB 090-281528x32x15
FB 090-282028x32x20
FB 090-282528x32x25
FB 090-283028x32x30
FB 090-301530x34x15
FB 090-302030x34x20
FB 090-302530x34x25
FB 090-303030x34x30
Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-304030x34x40
FB 090-321532x36x15
FB 090-322032x36x20
FB 090-322532x36x25
FB 090-323032x36x30
FB 090-324032x36x40
FB 090-351535x39x15
FB 090-352035x39x20
FB 090-352035x39x20
FB 090-352535x39x25
FB 090-353035x39x30
FB 090-353535x39x35
FB 090-354035x39x40
FB 090-355035x39x50
FB 090-402040x44x20
FB 090-402540x44x25
FB 090-403040x44x30
FB 090-404040x44x40
FB 090-405040x44x50
FB 090-406040x44x60
FB 090-452045x50x20
FB 090-452545x50x25
FB 090-453045x50x30
FB 090-454045x50x40
FB 090-455045x50x50
FB 090-456045x50x60
FB 090-502550x55x25
FB 090-503050x55x30
FB 090-504050x55x40
FB 090-505050x55x50
FB 090-506050x55x60
FB 090-552055x60x20
FB 090-552555x60x25
FB 090-553055x60x30
FB 090-554055x60x40
FB 090-555055x60x50
FB 090-556055x60x60
FB 090-602560x65x25
FB 090-603060x65x30
FB 090-603560x65x35
FB 090-604060x65x40
FB 090-605060x65x50
FB 090-606060x65x60
FB 090-608060x65x80
Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-609060x65x90
FB 090-654065x70x40
FB 090-655065x70x50
FB 090-656065x70x60
FB 090-658065x70x80
FB 090-704070x75x40
FB 090-705070x75x50
FB 090-706070x75x60
FB 090-707070x75x70
FB 090-708070x75x80
FB 090-709070x75x90
FB 090-753075x80x30
FB 090-754075x80x40
FB 090-756075x80x60
FB 090-758075x80x80
FB 090-803080x85x30
FB 090-804080x85x40
FB 090-806080x85x60
FB 090-808080x85x80
FB 090-853085x90x30
FB 090-854085x90x40
FB 090-856085x90x60
FB 090-858085x90x80
FB 090-904090x95x40
FB 090-906090x95x60
FB 090-908090x95x80
FB 090-909090x95x90
FB 090-10050100x105x50
FB 090-10060100x105x60
FB 090-10095100x105x95
FB 090-10560105x110x60
FB 090-105100105x110x100
FB 090-11060110x115x60
FB 090-110100105x115x100
FB 090-11560115x120x60
FB 090-115100115x120x100
FB 090-12060120x125x60
FB 090-120100120x125x100
FB 090-12560125x130x60
FB 090-125100125x130x100
FB 090-13060130x135x60
FB 090-130100130x135x100
FB 090-135100135x140x60
Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-14060140x145x60
FB 090-140100140x145x100
FB 090-14560145x150x60
FB 090-145100145x150x100
FB 090-15060150x155x60
FB 090-150100150x155x100
FB 090-15560155x160x60
FB 090-155100155x160x100
FB 090-16060160x165x60
FB 090-160100160x165x100
FB 090-16560165x170x60
FB 090-165100165x170x100
FB 090-17060170x175x60
FB 090-170100170x175x100
FB 090-17560175x180x60
FB 090-175100175x180x100
FB 090-18060180x185x60
FB 090-180100180x185x100
FB 090-18560185x190x60
FB 090-185100185x190x100
FB 090-19060190x195x60
FB 090-190100190x195x100
FB 090-19560195x200x60
FB 090-195100195x200x100
FB 090-20060200x205x60
FB 090-200100200x205x100
FB 090-21560215x220x60
FB 090-215100215x220x100
FB 090-25560225x230x60
FB 090-225100225x230x100
FB 090-23560235x240x60
FB 090-235100235x240x100
FB 090-24560245x250x60
FB 090-245100245x250x100
FB 090-27560275x280x60
FB 090-275100275x280x100
FB 090-28560285x290x60
FB 090-285100285x290x100
FB 090-30060300x305x60
FB 090-300100300x305x100

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