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Igus develop bearing material that are well suited for the requirements of maintenance-free sliding bearings. Igus sliding bearings are made of polymeric materials. This mean a bearing that is lubrication-free, maintenance-free, corrosion-free and with low weight. The products have high wear resistance and handle high loads during a long period of time. As a customer, you get access to bearing technology with documented function and calculable life span. By doing a quick analysis of your application and using the width of the product range, we can always offer an optimal and cost efficient bearing solution. All Igus products are DIN standard compliant and can be ordered in FDA approved version for use in the pharmaceutical and food industry.


Recommended tolerances:

  • Shaft h9
  • Bearing seat H7
  • Rec. shaft material: sanded hardened HRC 50
  • Surface smoothness shaft: Ra 0,8-2 my
  • Max static load 80 n/mm²
  • Max sliding velocity 1 m/sec
  • Linear motion 4 m/sec
  • Friction coefficient 0,04-0,15
  • Temperature range -40°C-+130°C
  • Moisture absorption RH A50/+23°C – 1%

Benefits of iglidur sliding bearings:

  • Maintenence-free
  • Corrosion-free
  • Lubrication-free
  • Dust and dirt resistant
  • Vibration dampening characteristics
  • Can be used in fluids
  • Highly cost efficient

IGUS plastic sliding bearings have many qualities other than type GSM och GFM

  • Thick-walled
  • Food approved
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Electrically conductive
  • Clis bearing


…are some variants


We will gladly help with calculations regarding which type suits your application best.

Igus bearings are made like squeeze bushings. They get their correct inner diameter when squeezed into place. The overmeasure before insertion may be as much as 2% of the inner diameter. The installation hole should be processed to tolerance H7, with the highest possible surface finish and appropiate phase. The installation is done using a flat stamp. Avoid using mandrels. All bearings have been provided with a phase that eases the installation. We recommend not using lubricants during installation.


Iglidur material

Cost efficient allrounder

For most applications.

High temperature bearings

For temperatures up to 250 °C.

igS0004_ iglidur® G – The universal bearing with a huge delivery program – Metric and imperial
iglidur® W300 – For extra long life span, suitable for soft shafts.
iglidur® J – Low friction coefficients in dry operation, optimal characteristics for soft shafts.
iglidur® M250 – thick-walled, robust, vibration dampening characteristics, insensitive to dirt.
iglidur® P – Higher precision in high humidity and heat.
igS0005_ iglidur® X – Temperature resistant from -100°C to 250°C, universal chemical resistance.
iglidur® Z – High temperature- the material for extreme loads, temperatures and pressure.
iglidur® V400 – Extremly wear resistant at soft shafts, high elasticity.
iglidur® A500 – Up to 250°C – FDA conformal
iglidur® H370 – The most cost efficient material up to 200 °C.

Low friction

With low sliding friction coefficient up to 0,05.

Resistant to chemicals

With excellent chemical resistance.

igS0006_ iglidur® J – Low friction coefficients with many different shafts, lowest friction coefficient with V4A.
iglidur® Z – When you need low friction coefficients at high temperatures.
iglidur® L250 – Best friction coefficients at high rpm and low load, recommended for V2A.
iglidur® J200 – Best friction coefficients with CF53, X90, ST37 and many coated surfaces.
iglidur® Q – Recommended when it comes to friction against hard chromium plated surfaces.

igS0007_ iglidur® X – Almost universal chemical resistance, even at high temperatures.
iglidur® A500 – As iglidur® X, also approved for direct contact with food.
iglidur® V400 – High chemical resistance, very wear resistant even when in contact with soft shafts.
iglidur® Z – Good chemical restistance, low friction coefficients and high wear resistance at high loads.

Approved for food

For food industry.

Usage under water

For wet use.

igS0008_ iglidur® A200 – For low and medium load
iglidur® A290 – Sliding bearing with high mechanical stability, temperatures up to 140°C, meets BfRs’ regulations.
iglidur® A500 – FDA approved, highest chemical resistance, no water absorption and temperatures up to 250°C.
igS0009_ iglidur® UW – For high rpm under water (e.g. pumps) at low radial load.
iglidur® UW500 – For high rpm in fluids, temperature-  and chemcial resistant.
iglidur® H370 – For use under water at low rpm.
iglidur® X – When chemical resistance under water is required.
iglidur® H – A beneficial option to iglidur H370, when the loads rather than rpm is low.


Materials with special “skills”.

Special constructions

Material in different constructions.

igS0011_ iglidur® Q – A beneficial sliding bearing with very high wear resistance at high loads.
iglidur® F – Recommended for applications with the highest static load and when the sliding bearings are lubricated automatically.
iglidur® H4 – Temperature resistant, for applications inside the engine bay. Beneficial and versatile.
igSN012_ iglidur® JVSM – Gap-free pretensioned sliding bearing.
PEP – Inner bearing inside out bearing, independent of the shaft.
Clip2 – Low bearing gap, very precise.
PRT – Maintenance-free slewing ring bearing.
Clip bearings – Never goes lost due to dual flange.
Flange bearings – Maintenance-free dry operation.
Stair-threaded nut.
Polysorb – Disc springs made of plastic.

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