Polyamide bushings


Plastic bushings made of polyamide

Plastic bushings made of polyamide is a simple “stainless” type of bearing used at not very high loads and vibrations. The material has very good sliding characteristics, great durability and vibration dampening characteristics.

Recommended tolerances:
Shaft h 6
Bearing seat H7
Recommended. shaft material: 1,2-1,6 my
Max static load <60 n/mm²
Max dynamic load <20 n/mm²
Max sliding velocity 2 m/sec
Friction coefficient 0,10-0,30
Temperature range max +80°C
Bearing gap 1 % of the shaft diameter
Moisture absorption RH 50/+23°C-7,5%
  • Good combination of mechanical and chemical characteristics.
    Wear- and creep resistant
  • Great durability
  • Can be steam sterilized
  • Resistant to aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons,
    esters, ketones, alcohols and most bases (alkali)
  • For increased stiffness and tensile strength, PA6 + fiberglass
    is an option
  • Max operation temperature +80°C
  • Suitable with food
  • All types of polyamides absorb or emit moisture
  • Attacked by strong mineral acids and acetic acid
  • UV make the polyamides frangible over time
  • The moisture level affect the tensile strength,
    stiffness, creep resistance, impact strength and
  • The linear expansion varies with temperature
    and moisture