Measurement table Slip washer BK1…SF

Ritning på Måttabell Glidbricka BK1…SF
 Slip washer dimensionsInstallation dimensions
Art.nrIntended for shaft diameterd
BK1 08 SF68161,516
BK1 10 SF810201,5151,5120
BK1 12 SF1012241,5181,5124
BK1 14 SF1214261,5202126
BK1 16 SF1416301,5232130
BK1 18 SF1618321,5252132
BK1 20 SF1820361,5283136
BK1 22 SF2022381,5303138
BK1 24 SF2224421,5333142
BK1 26 SF2426441,5353144
BK1 28 SF2528481,5384148
BK1 32 SF3032541,5434154
BK1 38 SF3538621,5504162
BK1 42 SF4042661,5544166
BK1 48 SF45487426141,574
BK1 52 SF50527826541,578
BK1 62 SF60629027641,590

Pin or screw must be used to prevent rotation of the washer.

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