Straight radial bearings – acetal

Raka radiallager Bussningar – acetal
Ritning på raka radiallager – acetal

BK 2 low lubricating sliding bearing

BK 2 is similar to BK 1 but with a POM Acetal sliding surface with grease pockets instead of PTFE. This sliding bearing are more suited for edge loads due to the greater tolerance in misalignment and in dirty environments where relubrication is possible. BK 2 does not need more than inital lubrication, but regular lubrication will considerably extend the life span.

Recommended tolerances:

Housing bearingH7
Shaft surface finish:Rz<6
Max load (yield point) 250 n/mm²
Load limit 140 n/mm²
Max dynamic load 80 n/mm²
Max sliding velocity 2,5 m/sek
Friction coefficient 0,02-0,23
Temperature range -40°C-+130°C
Slip-Stick-effect insignificant
Ø dØ DToleranceToleranceWall thicknessHE Lengths, Lengths tolerance +0- -0,4mm
  shaftbearing seatminmax Øf110121520253035404550556065809095100110120
101210-0,02212+0,0180,9550,98040,50,3X xx               
121412-0,02714+0,0180,9550,98040,50,3x xx               
141614-0,02716+0,0180,9550,98040,50,3  xx               
151715-0,02717+0,0180,9550,98040,50,3  xxx              
161816-0,02718+0,0180,9550,98040,50,3  xxx              
182018-0,02720+0,0210,9550,98040,50,3  xxx              
202320-0,03323+0,0211,4451,47540,80,4  xxxx             
222522-0,03325+0,0211,4451,47560,80,4  x x              
252825-0,03328+0,0211,4451,47560,80,4  xxxx             
283228-0,03332+0,0211,9351,97061,00,5   x x             
303430-0,03334+0,0251,9351,97061,00,5   xxx x           
353935-0,03939+0,0251,9351,97061,00,5   x xxx           
404440-0,03944+0,0251,9351,97081,00,5   x x x x         
455045-0,03950+0,0252,4152,46081,20,6   x x xxx         
505550-0,04655+0,0252,4152,46081,20,6     x x xxx       
556055-0,04660+0,0302,4152,46081,20,6     x x x x       
606560-0,04665+0,0302,4152,46081,20,6     x x x x       
657065-0,04670+0,0302,4152,46081,20,6       x   x       
707570-0,04675+0,0302,4152,46081,20,6       x x  xx     
758075-0,04680+0,0302,4152,4609,51,20,6       x   x x     
808580-0,04685+0,0302,3852,4509,51,40,7       x   x x     
859085-0,05490+0,0352,3852,4509,51,40,7       x   x x     
909590-0,05495+0,0352,3852,4509,51,40,7       x   x xx    
100105100-0,054105+0,0352,3852,4509,51,40,7         x   x x   
105110105-0,054110+0,0352,3852,4509,51,40,7           x x x x 
110120110-0,054115+0,0352,3852,4509,51,40,7           x x x x 
120125105-0,054125+0,0352,3852,4509,51,60,8           x x x x 
125130125-0,063130+0,0402,3852,4509,51,60,8           x     x 
130135130-0,063135+0,0402,3852,4509,51,60,8         x x x  x  
140145140-0,063145+0,0402,3852,4509,51,60,8         x x x  x  
150155150-0,063155+0,0402,3852,4509,51,60,8         x x x  x  
160165160-0,063165+0,0402,3852,450111,60,8         x x x  x  
170175170-0,063175+0,0402,3852,450111,60,8         x   x  x  
180185180-0,072165+0,0402,3852,450111,60,8         x x x  x  
190195190-0,072195+0,0462,3852,450111,60,8         x x x  x x
200205200-0,072205+0,0462,3852,450111,60,8         x x x  x x
220225220-0,072225+0,0462,3852,450121,60,8         x x x  x x
240245240-0,072245+0,0462,3852,450121,60,8         x x x  x x
250255250-0,081255+0,0522,3852,450121,60,8         x x x  x x
260265260-0,081265+0,0522,3852,450121,60,8         x x x  x x
280285280-0,081285+0,0522,3852,450121,60,8         x x x  x x
300305300-0,081305+0,0522,3852,450121,60,8         x x x  x x