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Torsion elements

Universal element for installation where suspension, bearing, dampening or tension is desired. Mounted advantageously with our mounting brackets in different versions. Two versions of inner square. Massive aluminium with four through going holes for 2 x bolt-through and with open steel profile for pipes alternally bolt-through. The torsion element is also available with round outer profile made of aluminium. Powder coated grey or electroplated.


Tensioners, dampers etc that is easily mounted with a center bolt. The elementets’ arm can be twisted +-32° and give a progressively increasing force. Mounting brackets are available for all sizes. Some areas of use are; chain tensioners and belt tensioners, belt scrapers for conveyors, pressure storage, shock absorption for falling goods etc. Powder coated grey, electroplated or stainless.

Chain tensioners, Belt tensioners
Used to address the inevitable chain or belt slack. The tension element is screwed in with the center bolt of the foot. Grip the square profile of the foot and bias the chain or belt about 20° according to the scale. Done! The tensioner tracks the future slack and keep the chain or belt with a pressure that extand the transmissions’ lifespan. Supplied surface-treated as previous mentioned tensioners.

Sieve, shake and vibration feed elements
For bearing of shaking conveyors, sieves, stone and chips crushers, mixing equipment, and wherever an oscillating or driving motion is desired. Provides an incomparably longer life span and vibration suppression than eg. steel springs, rubber pads or sheet steel. Side stability and effective vibration absorber are also some of the benefits. The elements are made to withstand obvious environments such as in mines and quarries. For falling goods there are different choices of elements. Depending on the application, suspension with long or short travel may be suitable. We have extensive experience and references. Let us join in on your project from the beginning!

Special elements
We produce the optimal element where products in our standard assortment does not fit the application. The element is advantageously designed to “take over” several desired functions such as bearing, suspension, damping, suspension/movement guard etc.

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