kilremmarGoodyear Eagle cog belt drives
Flangeless discs, silent and vibration-free operation. The gap between the belt and the disc is minimal, so it can be used in operations with high repetition accuracy.

Wedge belts drives
We stock a wide range of Goodyear’s classic and narrow wedge belts. Together with the VTP® disc from BIRN with its ventilated grooves, you can get an increased life span.

Cog belt drives
We stock White Hawk cog belts from Goodyear as standard. On request, we can deliver Black Hawk with aramide (Flexen) cord. Goodyear has also developed a cog belt that fits in Poly Chain discs; Falcon, we stock the complete product range. We stock polyurethane cog belts from Elatech (per meter), and sleeves from Megadyne.

Poly-V belt drives
These belts are also from Goodyear, out main supplier of belts. The warehouse in Norrköping stock profiles J, K, L and a limited amount of M.

Round belts and Link wedge belts
These belts are from Fenner Drives. We stock hollow red smooth round belts for splicing with alu. pins, as well as homogeneous green crocheted round belt for welding.

Calculation program for center distance or belt length, press here.