Cylindrical and conical dampers

Our cylindrical vibration dampers, conical dampers and waist dampers are used to defibrate a very wide range of components and machines. Vibrations caused by motors, fans, etc. damaging surrounding components can be easily remedied by these relatively inexpensive dampers.

Size is chosen according to the weight of what is to be insulated, as well as the speed of the source, to avoid interference frequency. As standard, these dampers are made of Natural Rubber, which is vulcanized against the steel washer with thread, and is available in three different hardnesses, 40, 55 and 70 shore. The steel details are electro-galvanized. We can also supply other rubber types such as EPDM, if the dampers are to be used outdoors. Also with steel details of A2 stainless and A4 acid-resistant steel.

Our cylindrical dampers are available in 5 designs, types A, B, C, D and E, which stands for thread/threaded pin. These dampers are commonly used. Does the construction require a longer suspension travel due to for example, a better degree of isolation, you can then advantageously choose our conical dampers and/or waist dampers.

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