DOMSEL radial sealings


DOMSEL radial sealing for extreme conditions

All DOMSEL radial sealings handle pressure up to 1 bar as standard. With additional designation “MVW” (with repressed shaft gap), the radial sealings’ support ring is manufactured with a slightly more narrow diameter than normal. This allow a pressure up to 10 bar and an rpm up to 25m/s. Types B, AB and AC are excluded. Type B handle pressure up to 10 bar as long as the gap between the shaft and the housing is 0,3mm. Types AB and AC require an extra support ring and MVW to handle 10 bar. Tests and and working constructions shows that DOMSEL radial sealings handle pressure up to 14 bar and an rpm up to 32 m/s with fulfilled requirements.
“The secret” behind DOMSELs’ construction is mainly the lack of a coil spring. This means that the friction between sealing lip and shaft is 50-60% lower than standard sealings with coil springs, which means less friction heat. Through a special “pleated” lip edge as contact surface, DOMSEL radial sealings handle mentioned pressure loads.

Another advantage is that DOMSEL often not require a hardened shaft. Only a fine “polishing” occur on the surface of the shaft. Thanks to DOMSELs’ lip profile, the sealing handle pressure from different media up to 14 bar.

DOMSEL radial sealings are manufactured in the following materials: Nitril, Viton, EPDM och Silicone. Rubber quality NBR, FPM, EPDM, and MQ. The support ring is avalible in stainless steel. New series with lubrication free lip made of Teflon(PTFE) and stainless support ring. Request separate prospect.

The sealings exist in two types, single lip and double lip. Used to seal from media coming from within, from without or both directions.

Shaft surface finish / tolerances:
Recommended shaft surface finish RA 0,2-0,8. Shaft hardness 60 HRC. Shaft tolerance h11. Seat tolerance H8.

Make the best choice when choosing DOMSEL radial sealings: Let us give you an offer based on your case! Dimensions, media, rpm and load.

Different types
Single lip

Double lip



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