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Deep groove ball bearings Roller bearings Needle bearings Axial bearings Ball bushings

kullagerDeep groove ball bearings, roller bearings and needle bearings

We mainly market and stock Chinese ball bearings, but also high quality bearings such as e.g. SKF INA KOYO. Our contact network for other types of bearings like, angular contact bearings, wheel bearings, special bearings, miniature ball bearings, stainless and plastic ball bearings is very wide. We also coat the bearings’ outer track with nylon and polyurethane where quieter operation is required.



kulbussningar-bildBall bushings of type KH

Our ball bushings of type KH have a steel outer shell, and a nylon ball retainer. Seales in both ends. These are suitable in constructions where the lowest axial and radial friction is desired, and the loads are not that high. At high loads, we rather recommend our sliding bearings.






Axial sheet bearings DLG

Our axial sheet bearings is a cheaper alternative to steel bearings with washers, they are often used in lighter constructions av e.g. axial top support for rotating clothes racks.



IGUS deep groove ball bearings plastic

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