IGUS deep groove ball bearings plastic – Technical data

General properties

Material balls Choose between glass or stainless steel
Density 1,42 g/cm3
Color white
Max. moisture absorption (at 23 °C/73 °F, 50 % RF) 0,2 weight-%, test method DIN 53495
Max. water uptake 0,7 weight-%
With drill holes no
Pivoting no

Thermal properties

Max. prolonged operating temperature 80 °C
Min. operating temperature -40 °C

Mechanical properties

Module of elasticity E 2 500 MPa, test method DIN 53457
Bending strength (vid 20°C/68°F) 68 MPa, test method DIN 53452
Shore D hardness 77, test method DIN 53505
Resistivity > 1014 Ωcm, test method DIN IEC 93
Surface resistance > 1014 Ω, test method DIN 53482

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