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Grommet seals have found their way into many new applications, far beyond what they were originally intended to do. As the market for the products has expanded, so has the need to satisfy the needs of our customers. Matching up the right product for a new project is easy. Matching up the right product for an existing installation has not been so easy, –UNTIL NOW!
In response to many inquiries concerning how to seal and “dress up” existing hose, wire, cable, etc. we have developed the new “split” Grommet Seal. The unit comes in two half part sections so that it can be mounted on an existing installation without disturbing anything.
Available in standard hole sizes from 1/4″ thru 1.0″ in 1/8″ increments. Alternate hole sizes are available for any order of 5 pieces or more.
The Outer Diameter of these Split Grommet seals is 3″.

Art.nrInner diameterOuter diameter
SGS 3-5  BLown punch hole3”
SGS 3-5 .1251/8”3”
SGS 3-5 .2501/4″3”
SGS 3-5 .3753/8”3”
SGS 3-5 .5001/2″3”
SGS 3-5 .6255/8”3”
SGS 3-5 .7503/4″3”
SGS 3-5 .8757/8”3”
SGS 3-5 1.01”3”