Rod ends and spherical bearings

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Länkhuvuden och ledlager - RODOBAL - Metriska

Our brands of rod ends and spherical bearings.

RODOBAL – Metric

RODOBAL specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of tie rod ends and spherical bearings, which have numerous applications in various industrial mechanical fields such as machine tools, automation machinery, packaging machinery, and more. Their range includes various steel qualities, surface treatments, designs, and thread options to suit different use cases and constructions. They also offer variants for maintenance-free use and extra durability, including stainless steel bearings and hard-chrome plated inner rings. An example is the robust “Heavy Duty” type, which can be customized with various surface finishes and seals to meet specific requirements, such as those in motorsports.


AURORA is well-known for its tie rod ends and spherical bearings, meeting quality standards similar to those in the aerospace industry, especially in motorsports applications. They specialize in the development of high-performance components capable of handling the intense stresses from dynamic shock loads and vibrations. AURORA BEARING COMPANY, based in Illinois, USA, has been manufacturing tie rod ends and spherical bearings for various sectors, including industry, motorsports, and the aerospace industry, since 1971. Their motorsport range is characterized by high load-bearing capacity, steel quality tailored for vibrations and shock loads, the ability to handle high loads and vibrations, temperature resistance, corrosion protection, lubrication-free operation, zero play, and a compact design. AURORA is globally recognized for offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

DURBAL BallRoller Rod Ends

DURBAL, a prominent manufacturer, offers a versatile range of tie rod ends and spherical bearings in our lineup. This includes both ball-bearing and roller-bearing variants. Ball-bearing tie rod ends are particularly suitable for high speeds and light to medium-heavy loads. They are characterized by lower sliding friction compared to plain bearing alternatives. These tie rod ends come pre-lubricated and well-protected with sheet metal seals on both sides. They typically operate without the need for additional lubrication under normal conditions. In high-temperature environments, which may occur due to high speeds or ambient temperatures, lubrication is recommended through existing grease fittings.

DURBAL’s products are available in standard sizes ranging from Ø6 with M6 threads to 30Ø with M30x2 threads. Both internal and external threaded options are available, as well as inch sizes from 1/4″ UNF to 1″ UNF.

EUROSNODI – Castings / Hydraulic Attachments

EUROSNODI tie rod ends, according to DIN/ISO standards, are perfect for applications with skewed shafts and bearing housings, as well as oscillating and pivoting movements. They are common in areas like hydraulic attachments, where adjustment capabilities for alignment errors are necessary.

Our wide range includes sliding combinations: steel against steel with the option of lubrication or maintenance-free steel against PTFE. Lubricatable alternatives are recommended for dirty environments.

EUROSNODI tie rod ends are primarily made of cast steel with pressed-in GE spherical bearings as standard. The bearing affects the working angle. Easy lubrication is performed via grease nipples. Some variants are also available in stainless steel for increased versatility and durability.


Our GE spherical bearing is ideally suited for our weldable housings. These housings are made of untreated steel St52-3 and come standard with GE…ES.2RS spherical bearings. We also offer alternative GE spherical bearings upon request.

These bearings are designed for easy welding on both sides of the cylinder and ensure reliable operation in mechanical systems. The bearing can be easily removed from the housing for additional adjustments or maintenance before welding.

For more details, see our information on GE…ES Spherical Bearings, where we describe how these bearings integrate seamlessly into our weldable housings. Our focus is on creating customizable solutions that meet your unique requirements and preferences.


Weldable housing with GE spherical bearings is constructed of untreated steel, specifically St52-3. It comes standard with GE…ES.2RS spherical bearings, but it can also be customized with other GE spherical bearings upon request. These units are primarily designed to be welded on both sides of a cylinder. If necessary, the bearing can be pressed out from the housing before welding. For more details, see the information on our GE…ES Spherical Bearings.

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