o-ringar, o-ringsnöre och x-ringar

O-Rings, O-Ring Cord & X-Rings

These products are critical components for sealing in a wide variety of applications. With us, you will find a comprehensive range of dimensions and materials, including qualities such as NBR, FPM, EPDM, MQ, and PTFE. These materials meet European, American, and French standards, ensuring high quality and reliability in your applications.

Customized and Standard Solutions

In addition to our range of standard dimensions, we also offer customized products. Whether you need cord by the meter or vulcanized rings in specific sizes for static applications, we can meet your needs. It is important to use our installation table to find the right groove and ensure a perfect fit. Our inventory includes a selection of standard dimensions that we can stock, but please note that some sizes may disappear while new ones may be added over time.


These are extremely versatile and space-saving precision seals. They are available in thousands of dimensions and are made from a variety of materials. This makes them an ideal solution for many different applications, from industrial machinery to medical equipment. O-Rings are often used to create a reliable seal between two parts that need to keep liquids or gases under control.

O-Ring Cord

This product is perfect for static seals and is made from extruded material. The joints are usually glued together to create a tight seal. This makes the cord a flexible option when standard sizes do not fit your specific needs. It is an excellent solution for creating customized seals where space or shape does not allow for standard sizes. Our products are available in different qualities and materials.


With their four sealing lips, X-Rings are particularly suitable for dynamic seals. Their design provides superior sealing properties compared to traditional options, making them an excellent choice for applications where movement and pressure variations are common. They are often used in applications where standard solutions are not sufficient, such as in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

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