Bronze bushing with grease pockets

Bronsbussning med smörjfickor

FB 090 Slotted bronze bushing with grease pockets

Slotted thinwalled sliding bearing made of bronze, with och without flange. Lubrication is required. FB 090 are made with internally punched rectangular grease pockets that works like grease depots. This “stainless” bushing is well suited for outdoor use, it reduces the required lubrication intervals and give the lowest friction and strain at the starting moment.

Shaft/housing bearing – tolerances

Shaft surface hardness more than 150 HB. St/52, C-steel 0,5%C, alloyed steel, surface treated and hard chrome plated.

Shaft surface finish:Rz 1-4µm, sanded.
Tolerance bearing seat:For tolerance adjustment, the bearing seat hole must maintain tolerance H7.
The bearings inner diameter is then tolerance H9.
Shaft tolerance:f7 or e7.
Note:When using h shafts, we recommend bearing seat with tolerance F7.
Tensile strength450 n/mm²
Yield strength250 n/mm²
Max dynamic load<40 n/mm²
Max static load<120 n/mm²
Max sliding velocity2,5 m/sek
Friction coefficient0,02-0,23
Surface finish2 my
Hardness105 HB