FMA Housing Bearing

Sliding bearing housing
Housing bearings are used as holders for sliding bearings together with shafts. Where the bearing seat/sheet metal wall cannot support the sliding bearing, our housing bearings can be used. They are very easy to install and are delivered complete with sliding bearings. As standard, the housing bearings are delivered with lubrication free sliding bearing of type BK1. At dirty environments and where lubrication is desired, we also have housing bearings with low-lubrication sliding bearing of type BK2 with grease pockets.
Our hard-chromed shafts with tolerance f7 work well with these housing bearings.




Max load is calculated on the basis of the projected bearing surface.
See BK 1 resp. BK 2:s load tables.
Material SS 1914 electrogalvanized.


FMA 121210630182118X1,518,5
FMA 161612740222622X1,522,5
FMA 2020181050303630X1,530,5
FMA 2525251060343834X1,535
FMA 3030201060404540X1,541


Load tables BK1 and BK2

BK1 (standard) PTFE

Max static load<250 n/mm²
Load limit140 n/mm²
Max dynamic load<140 n/mm²
Max sliding velocity2 m/sec
Friction coefficient0,03-0,20
Temperature range-195°C   –   +280°C

BK2 Acetal

Max static loada<250 n/mm²
Load limit140 n/mm²
Max dynamic load<140 n/mm²
Max sliding velocity2,5 m/sec
Friction coefficient0,02-0,23
Temperature range-40°C   –   +130°C


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