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Sintered bronze/Oil bronze bushing

The sintered bronze bushing/Oil bronze bushing is a self lubricating sliding bearing. The bearing is impregnated with 20 -30 percent-volume high-class oil, which form an oil film between the sliding bearing and the shaft. It is common to say that sintered bronze bushings/Oil bronze bushings is a good choice at low loads and high rpm.

Standard radial: SMS777 / SS2991 / (ISO2795)
Standard flange: SMS779 / SS2992 / (ISO2795)

Post processing

At post processing, diamond or cemented carbide ISO quality K20 with a tip radius of max 0,1-0,2 mm must be used. Suitable cutting velocity is 100-200m/min. At post processing, the sliding bearing must be additionally lubricated.

If it can be suspected that the bearings have lost oil, new oil may be added by dipping the bearings in hot oil (80°C) and letting them cool in the oil. Additive lubrication is not normally necessary. However, in extreme operating conditions, it can be advantageous and then a thin oil should be used with the same viscosity as the original oil above. The oil should not contain solid additives, as these can clog the pores in the bearing surface.

Material: SINT-A51, Leg 630, SS 148321
Oil Bronze Cu 89.5, Sn 9.3, C 1.2. Oil content 29% vol%

Oil and min/max temperatur

As standard according to ISO VG 68
Minimum working temperature –12°C
Maximum working temperature +90°C
Viscosity 3–5°E/50°C
Kinematic viscosity 20–35 cSt

Recommended tolerances:
Shafth8 – h9
Bearing seatH7
Recommended shaft material, surface finishRz 1,2 – 0,8
Sanded, polished, hardness HB150
Max static load50 n/mm²
Max sliding velocity5 m/sek
Friction coefficient0,05-0,10
Temperature range-12°C – +90°C
Hardness15 HV5
Request a diagram for calculation of load/rpm
Material analysisCU 89,5%
 Sn 9,3%
 C 1,2%

Measurement table Radial bearings SI…
Measurement table Flange bearings SI…
Measurement table Spherical bearings SI-SFÄ…
Measurement table Massive round materials SI-material…

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