Bushings made of Natural rubber 60 shore

These are as standard of Natural Rubber with a hardness of 60 shore, and can also be produced in other qualities such as EPMD, Nitrile, Chloroprene and Silicone in different hardnesses.

See also version with vulcanized trays

Art nr.DdH
GP 8,5/3,2 x 3,5-NR608.53,23,5
GP 10/4,3 x 8-NR60104,38
GP 13/6,5 x 12-NR60136,512
GP 17,5/9 x 16-NR6017.5916
GP 19/13 x 19-NR60191319
GP 20/8,5 x 15-NR60208,515
GP 20/8,5 x 30-NR60208,530
GP 25/08 x 25-NR60258,525
GP 25/10,5 x 15-NR602510,515
GP 25/10,5 x 25-NR602510,525
GP 28/10,5 x 50-NR602810,550
GP 28/08 x 16-NR6028816
GP 30/10 x 30-NR60301030
GP 30/16 x 40-NR60301640
GP 30/08 x 20-NR6030820
GP 32/13,5 x 32-NR603213,532
GP 35/16 x 40-NR60351640
GP 36/10,5 x 50-NR603610,550
GP 38/17 x 100-NR603817100
GP 40/0,9 x 30-NR60400,930
GP 40/12 x 25-NR60401225
GP 40/12 x 35-NR60401235
GP 40/12 x 65-NR60401265
GP 40/13 x 30-NR60401330
GP 40/13 x 40-NR60401340
GP 40/13,5 x 32-NR604013,532
GP 40/13,5 x 40-NR604013,540
GP 40/13,5 x 50-NR604013,550
GP 40/17 x 30-NR60401730
GP 47/20 x 50-NR60472050
GP 48/17 x 100-NR604817100
GP 50/10 x 40-NR60501040
GP 50/17 x 25-NR60501725
GP 50/17 x 40-NR60501740
GP 50/10 x 45-NR60501045
GP 50/14 x 80-NR60501480
GP 50/16 x 35-NR60501635
GP 50/17 x 32-NR60501732
GP 50/17 x 50-NR60501750
GP 50/17 x 63-NR60501763
GP 50/17 x 80-NR60501780
GP 58/17 x 100-NR605817100
GP 50/20 x 38-NR60502038
GP 50/24 x 50-NR60502450
GP 50/24,8 x 50-NR605024,850
GP 50/25 x 36-NR60502536
GP 53/32,5 x 100-NR605332,5100
GP 60/20 x 40-NR60602040
GP 60/28 x 40-NR60602840
GP 63/17 x 32-NR60631732
GP 70/40 x 40-NR60704040
GP 75/18 x 40-NR60751840
GP 80/15 x 50-NR60801550
GP 80/20 x 27-NR60802027
GP 80/20 x 40-NR60802040
GP 80/21 x 30-NR60802130
GP 80/21 x 40-NR60802140
GP 80/22 x 40-NR60802240
GP 80/25 x 40-NR60802540
GP 80/25 x 82-NR60802582
GP 80/27,5 x 40-NR608027,540
GP 80/30 x 35-NR60803035
GP 80/40 x 30-NR60804030
GP 80/21 x 100-NR608021100
GP 80/21 x 100-NR608030100
GP 100/21 x 40-NR601002140
GP 100/25 x 40-NR601002540
GP 100/25 x 70-NR601002570
GP 100/26 x 40-NR601002640
GP 100/30 x 35-NR601003035
GP 100/33 x 40-NR601003340
GP 100/33 x 75-NR601003375
GP 100/40 x 70-NR601004070
GP 100/70 x 40-NR601007040
GP 120/25 x 40-NR601202540
GP 120/40 x 40-NR601204040
GP 120/50 x 40-NR601205040
GP 125/35 x 125-NR6012535125
GP 125/50 x 125-NR6012550125
GP 150/51 x 100-NR6015051100
GP 150/45 x 180-NR6015045180
GP 160/33 x 160-NR6016033160
GP 200/61 x 100-NR6020061100
GP 200/33 x 200-NR6020033200
GP 250/60 x 200-NR6025060200

NR60 stands for Natural Rubber with a hardness of 60 shore.
If you want another type of rubber, change the prefix to eg – “EPDM70”

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