Vibration dampers

Vibration damping.
MecMove provides vibration damping in a very wide range of different types of vibration dampers. Let us help you with type/size recommendation through our program. We need to know the load and which speed is to be isolated.
As standard, vibration dampers are made with natural rubber, which has a very high insulating effect, flexible at low temperatures, withstands temperatures up to +70 degrees  c.
However, we can also deliver those with other rubber such as EPDM (if the damper is exposed to a lot of sunlight/ozone) and Nitrile/NBR (if the dampers are exposed to oils, petrol and similar chemicals). However, with a slightly reduced effect of isolating vibrations. The steel parts are vulcanized with the rubber, and we deliver both with galvanized steel and stainless A2 or, if necessary, acid-resistant A4.

Our various dampers are suitable for most applications such as pads in press brakes, sheet metal bending, machine underlays, retainers, wipers, machine elements and construction elements, etc. Wherever vibrations must be isolated and not damage surrounding products. We have many equivalents to the brand Novibra.

HNG upper – HNG lower
UU, BA, GM1, GM2, RB

Additional dampers we acquire

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