HNG Upper & HNG Lower

HNG Övre
HNG Undre

Our vibration dampers for wall mounting prevent vibrations and shock loads generated from nearby machines, fans and other vibration-inducing sources. HNG upper/lower absorbs shear loads and provides relatively long suspension even at low loads, which provides favorable damping at low Hz. The HNG upper is designed so that the damper cannot split if the rubber breaks over time, which means a secure suspension without the unit falling down.

Ritning på HNG Över
Ritning på HNG Undre

Measurement Table

HNG Upper7511496339152,5M8
HNG Lower7511496339152,5M8

Load Table

TypeM-Max (kg)F-Max (kg)
Rubber hardness40° Sh60° Sh40° Sh60° Sh
HNG Upper14253070
HNG Lower14253070
Modell på HNG Övre

HNG Upper

Modell på HNG Undre

HNG Lower

HNG Mont lodrätt
HNG Mont vågrätt

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