Radial sealings oil sealings

Radial sealings is a type of sealing meant to protect sensitive components from dirt and water and/or prevent e.g. oil from leaking out. Radial sealings are only used with rotating shafts, not axial reciprocative motion. For those type of motion we have other sealings.

A radial sealings consist of a rubber membrane fastened againt steel holders. The holdare are often lined with the membrane. The slightly sprained lip that abuts the shaft is usually lightly loaded with a coil spring meant to maintain the lips’ shaft pressure even at higher rpm.

The most commonly used rubber material is Nitril. We can also offer other material as Viton, for use at high temperatures, or EPDM for use in outdoor installations (ozone/sun light). The different materials are various suitable for different media. All types can be delivered with an extra dust tounge, which add more sealing effect.

At high rpm upward 32 m/sec and pressure up to 10 bar, we recommend our DOMSEL radial sealings.

Radialtätning packboxar
Design Product Material Temperature (Celcius) Max rpm (m/s) Max pressure (bar) Size (ID)
From To
Design 1 Radial sealing NBR -40 +100 12 0,5 4 1000 Standard design according to DIN 3760
FKM -30 +200 35 0,5
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