Pulley wheels for straps and tracks


Pulley wheels made of Nylon without bearing

Pulley wheels made of Nylon, Polyamide is best suited for light load and slow rotation. These are of three different makes and therefore differ slightly in color and design. Sliding bearing directly in the hub (without bushing). Can be processed and retrofitted with sliding bearings.

If the wheel is desired to be mounted on a shaft, this can be done by press fit, through the hub or by a stop screw with recessed hole through the groove threaded down to the shaft hole.


Pulley wheels made of Nylon with ball bearing

Pulley wheels made of Nylon, Polyamide with included standard groove ball bearings and 2 loose spacers. Locks on shaft with press fit as an ordinary ball bearing. This series provides an easier run with lower friction than our wheels without ball bearings. Handles higher rpm.


Pulley wheels made of Nylon, steel and castings

Our 310 series is available in galvanized steel and stainless steel. Diameters from 40 to 200 mm. This series can be used as rope pulley and rail wheels for, for example, side rolling gates on rails. We also sell these rails as shown in this page.
The 310 series can also be offered with flat bottom grooves and v-grooves
For heavier loads we have a slightly wider series of series 315 with double ball bearings. Diameters 100 to 200 mm.

If you want an ingoing shackle, we have 3 standard series 327, 332 and 337 for different mounting options. This shackle series also has a Heavy duty version with double ball bearings; Series 328, 334 and 338.

If you want some what thinner wheels that do not have the option to act as rail wheels, we have the slightly narrower series 340 from diameter 60 to 120 mm.

In addition to this make, we also have series of non bearing and roller bearing castings.


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