EuroSnodi rod ends

Eurosnodi rod end is a DIN / ISO standardized machine element. They are suitable for bearings where tilting between shaft and bearing housing is required and where heels and pendulum movements occur.
Common uses for Eurosnodi rod ends are functions such as hydraulic brackets where alignment errors must be allowed.

For many of the types we can offer a sliding combination of lubricable steel/steel and lubrication-free steel against PTFE. However, lubrication is preferred in dirty environments.

Eurosnodi’s rod ends are mainly cast steel with a pressed GE bearing in standard design. What kind of spherical bearings mounted provides the choice of the working angle that you require of the rod end. These are lubricated via a lubrication nipple.
Some types Eurosnodi rod ends can also be supplied in stainless steel.





litenmad MA…D 25-100 mm litentxm TXM 25-35 mm
litensc S…C 10-80 mm litensn S…N 20-120 mm
litenprn PR…N 20-120 mm litenpru PR…U 20-120 mm
litenprce PR…CE 12-200 mm litenprs PR…S 12-100 mm
litenpnce PN…CE 20-110 mm litenfid FI…D
6-80 mm
litenfed FE…D
6-80 mm litenfid FI…U
6-80 mm
litenfed FE…U
6-80 mm litenf litenpf Fork head F
Splint PF
Weldable housing with GE spherical bearing    

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