Maintenance free radial bearings, flange bearings, washers and plates

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BK 1 Maintenance free bearing

BK1 bearing is a maintenance free bearing consisting of tincoated steel body, bounded with a layer of sintered bronze and an outer layer of sliding layer PTFE. The bearing is suitable for rotating and oscillating movements. The frictionvalue is very low. BK1 bearings shall not be used with lubrication. The bearings can also be used in water since the bearings are highly corrosion resistant, or alternative with stainless steel backing that we have in our standard programm.
This type can be delivered with stainless steel backing, with bronze backing and with inch meassures.

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BK1 shell be pressfit into the housing carefully and slow using a press or a vise. The slot/split of the bearing should be positioned away from the loadzone. Be sure to hold recommended tolerances so the bearing stays in the housing and not start rotating. Washers and plates can be screwed or glued.

BK1/BK1F should be used unlubricated so that grease and PTFE do not clump together and increase wear on the sliding layer.

Recommended tolerances:
Shaft d<55mm f7
d>55mm h8
Housing bearing H7
Shaft surface finish: Rz<3
Max load (yield point) 260 n/mm²
Load limit 140 n/mm²
Max static load <250 N/mm²
Max dynamic load <140 N/mm²
Max sliding velocity 2 m/sek
Friction coefficient 0,03-0,20
Temperature range -195°C-+280°C
Slip-Stick-effect insignificant

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