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BK 1 Greaseless bearing

Grease-free plain bearing BK1 is a high-quality plain bearing for both high loads and speeds. The sliding bearing is built on a steel frame, galvanized with a sinter bronze layer connected to the steel frame where a layer of PTFE (Teflon) is pressed into the pores of the sintered bronze and coated with a covering surface. The PTFE layer provides a grease-free surface, and will coat to a lesser extent on the surface of the shaft. These are advantageously low in price thanks to large producing numbers with many uses. Should a stainless steel jacket be desired instead of galvanized steel, there is also an option för this.


Recommended tolerances:
Shaft d<55mm f7
d>55mm h8
Housing bearing H7
Shaft surface finish: Rz<3


Max load (yield point) 260 n/mm²
Load limit 140 n/mm²
Max static load <250 N/mm²
Max dynamic load <140 N/mm²
Max sliding velocity 2 m/sec
Friction coefficient 0,03-0,20
Temperature range -195°C-+280°C
Slip-Stick-effect insignificant

Measurement table Radial bearings BK1…
Measurement table Flange bearings BK1F…
Measurement table Flange bearings slip washers BK1…SF
Measurement table Flat ribbons BK1…F

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