Aurora rod ends and spherical bearings – Industrial Series

Manufacturing program
In the production of rod ends and spherical bearings, a number of factors are taken into account: dimensioning, load capacity, rust protection, service life, lubrication factors and last but not least, the price. AURORA manufactures a very wide range of rod ends and spherical bearings in order to always offer the right solution with quality/price ratio taken into consideration.

Therefore, there is a selection of:
• 27 series for different industrial assemblies
• 12 series for motorsport
• 6 series for qualified military and aerospace industries


Click on the respective type for dimension table.

  Type Inner/Outer thread Quality
Rod ends CM & CB Outer Economy/Greaseable
CW & CG Inner Economy/Greaseable
MM & MB Outer Heavy Duty/Lubrication-free & Greasable
MW & MG Inner Heavy Duty/Lubrication-free & Greasable
SM-E & SB-E Outer Stainless/Lubrication-free & Greasable
SW-E & SG-E Inner Stainless/Lubrication-free & Greasable
CM…-S  Inner and outer thread With bolt hole in the ball, greaseable

  Type Quality
COM & HCOM Lubrication-free & Greasable
COM-KH & HCOM-KH Extra Heavy Duty/Lubrication-free & Greasable
COM-..E Stainless/Lubrication-free & Greasable
AIB, SIB, MIB & MIB-T Extra Heavy Duty/Lubrication-free & Greasable
LCOM Large outer diameter 3-piece

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